Tron: Legacy

I went with my brother to see Tron: Legacy 3D on Boxing Day. Out of all the movies that are currently screening, this one seemed somewhat interesting.

I knew that there was another Tron movie made several years ago, and I had assumed that Tron: Legacy was just a modern re-make, but it wasn't until after watching the movie and commenting to my brother that the movie didn't make much sense that he told me it was actually a sequel.

First of all, I dislike wearing 3D glasses on top of my glasses, it's very uncomfortable and makes my glasses slide down my face. The 3D effects were barely noticeable to me, makes me wish I didn't wear them throughout the entire movie because they also had the effect of making everything a little bit darker, which isn't really desirable when just about the entire movie is set in dark places.

Anyway, the beginning of the film was quite promising, I liked how the main character Sam snuck into the ENCOM building and leaked their latest operating system which is claimed to be the most secure. I was hoping for a mix of action happening between the real world and The Grid, but it wasn't to be. The action scenes were enjoyable and provided a nice distraction from the lack of story.

In the end, it just didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. According to my brother, I needed to watch the first movie to understand what's going on. Nevertheless, it was an okay way to spend a hot Boxing Day.

By the way, Picadilly Cinemas charged my brother $6 for a large bag of chips. If you're after a large bag of chips, I recommend making the short walk across the mall to Woolworths on the bottom floor of enex100 and paying at most $3 for the same bag of chips.