Songkran Festival

On Saturday 17 April 2010, after studying German with a friend, I went with my mum to the Songkran Festival being held at a local Buddhist centre in Nollamara by the Thai Australian Association of Western Australia.

Although it is Autumn now, and the past few days have been cool and rainy, the warm sunny weather on Saturday was just perfect for getting splashed with water. In Thailand, the Songkran festival occurs in mid April, which is typically the hottest day of the year. They had a stall selling buckets and water guns so that people could run around splashing each other with water.

There were food stalls selling various Thai food. The Thais have quite a sweet tooth, and although I like sweet things, I found some of the desserts a little too sweet for my taste. I also bought grilled fish and meat balls, and tried some sort of rice ball with a beef and peanut filling.

One stall was selling drinks in plastic bags. Basically it's a small plastic bag, which they put ice and drink inside, usually tea or coffee, and you just drink out of the bag using a straw. I remember buying these when I went to Thailand on holiday, they're awesome! I wanted to buy one, but when I went to the stall, they had sold out.

We also watched a singing/beauty contest, after all, what is a modern Songkran festval without a "Miss Songkran" competition. Then towards the end of the festival, the event organisers had arranged for a fire truck to come in and spray everyone with water. Lots of fun!

3 thoughts on “Songkran Festival”

  1. It's fun to be sprayed with water? Usually you fight off aggressive people with water cannons ;D

  2. Well, in Thailand, when it's the peak of summer with 40C days, it's fun to be sprayed with water :p

    Plus it's considered to be good luck to be sprayed with water during Songkran.

  3. True, true. Sorry for foolishly speaking from a german point of view. =)
    So, did it bring you good luck?

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