Introducing the newest member of the family: Lucky the Chicken.

In the mornings, along Wanneroo Road, there is usually a large truck full of live chickens traveling towards an Inghams "chicken processing facility". One morning, as my mum was on her way to work, she saw a chicken fall off the back of the truck, stopped to pick it up and brought it home. Amazingly, it didn't seem to have any injuries from the fall, and having escaped the fate of becoming a chicken nugget, "Lucky" felt like an appropriate name for the chicken.

Now, Lucky lives in a fenced-off area of the garden just outside my window. I used to have these purple and green plants growing in front of my window, but within a week, Lucky had completely destroyed the plants, and one month on, all the edible plants in Lucky's part of the garden were gone, including two small banana plants. When it's not eating or destroying plants, Lucky spends it's time sitting under the banana plants.

It wasn't easy getting a good photo of Lucky >.< It kept moving around and trying to sit between my feet.