“Just according to keikaku”

There's something I've been wondering for a long time now: "Which fansub group fansubbed Death Note with the now infamous 'Just according to keikaku. (Translator's note: keikaku means plan)' subtitle?"

Image taken from Just as Keikaku.

A Google search of "according to keikaku" generally brings up results about screenshots of hilariously bad fansubs, people who use the phrase as a meme, and a biased "documentary" on fansubs. Although I partially agree with the "documentary" on some points, I think it's mostly a load of bullshit spouted by someone who hates fansubs and doesn't really know much about modern fansubs, and yet goes off to cherry-pick the very worst of fansubs to make a documentary about. But perhaps that rant is best left for another day when I'm not rushing to finish off TAFE work.

Anyway, although the "documentary" that brought this particular subtitle to people's attention is 'old news', I still haven't been able to find out which fansub group made that particular fansub. I want to find out if it was actually a parody/joke sub or not, and so that I can avoid that group and that group's translator like the plague. So if anyone knows, please tell me. *dies of curiosity*