Hole in One!

Woot~ my first hole in one since the launch of Pangya Season 4~

BOOM! Tomahawk… Long Chip-In… Beam Impact… Hole in One!

Super lucky~ I was in so surprised that I barely managed to take a screen shot. Normally I take two 'nice' screen shots of every 'Hole in One' and 'Albatross', and I would've used a replay tape too, but I just blankly stared at the screen, then scrambled to take at least screenshot when I regained my senses.

Lost Seaway Hole 17: I was actually aiming to do a Tomahawk with a back power spin, but I missed hitting pangya. Since Season 4, it's no longer necessary to hit pangya to do a Tomahawk, but you still need it to do powerspin. When I missed pangya, I thought for sure that at best, I would score a birdie for that hole.

I hadn't played Pangya in a while, so after patching it up, I dove straight into a 30-player Lost Seaway tournament. The first thing I noticed was that my Arin was "naked"! I thought that maybe my account had been compromised and some script kiddy had stripped my character of all it's clothes and accessories. Someone I don't know logging into my account… I felt so violated >.<

Since I thought my account had been compromised, I was feeling demotivated and wanted to quit the tournament to check if my items were still there, but I decided to keep going since my quit-rate was relatively high and there was a quit-rate reduction event going on. But it turns out that this is a glitch that happened to several people after an update and that all my items were still intact, phew~