GO3 Electronic & Entertainment Expo 2009

Today I went to the city with my dad and brother to see the GO3 Electronic & Entertainment Expo. My brother had told my dad that it was a computing related exhibition, whereas I thought it was more about gaming and my brother imagined it to be more electronics and computer orientated. Although those things were present, it seemed more like a group of stalls/booths with a loosely related theme of electronics and entertainment.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd year that GO3 has been running. I heard about it from Wai-con, but I never went to the previous years' GO3 because I thought that entry required payment. But it turns out that entry is free.

GO3 is held at the Perth Exhibition & Convention Centre. I parked the car at Warwick train station and my dad, brother and I caught the train there. The first few stalls we walked past were advertising electronic gadgets that I have no interest in. The ViewSonic stall had some sort of raffle draw, so I entered that, even though I don't remember what the prize is, I'm sure I'll be getting some extra spam in my e-mail. They were also giving out bags containing advertisements for their products, a notepad, and these small fluffy finches, pictured above. So cute <3

Madman Entertainment was also there, I bought Gurren Lagann volume 3 DVD. There was also JAFWA and PAniC, some other stalls selling manga and anime merchandise. Madman was running anime screenings, but I didn't have time for that, plus the whole place was so loud and noisy, wouldn't have been able to enjoy watching the screenings anyway.

Other stuff there which didn't really interest me: Edith Cowan, Murdoch and Curtin universities had booths, they were handing out CDs for a new MMO called "Calypso", various electronics stalls, arcade games including DDR, and for some reason that might somehow be related to electronics and/or gaming, there was also a Morish Nuts stall.