First Day At A New Job

Today was my first day working at AEC Education Consultancy~

Since paying for parking all day in the city (assuming that I actually find a parking spot after spending a lot of time sitting in peak hour traffic) would be too expensive, my dad dropped me off in James Street at around 9:20am. AEC has two offices, one is the main office where clients will go, just around the corner of a Gelare ice cream shop on James Street, the other is the back office a little further back in the narrow lanes of 'Chinatown' (pictured above, and no, I didn't take the photo). I was told come in around 9:30am, but I ended up waiting for almost half an hour before the boss, Ling, showed up at the back office with some computer equipment which I would be using.

While Ling and Nick (a co worker) set up the computer, I was given the task of putting files away in alphabetical order. Next task was photocopying various client's education certificates and other documents. Most of the documents were in Chinese with an attached English translation, but half of them had a German translation. I got a bit of practice reading Chinese and German as I waited for the copies to be made. After that, my next task was to type up a client details form template.

I can't remember the exact time, probably around 12:30pm, all the staff headed out to a nearby dim sum restaurant for lunch, boss's shout ^^ I think we spent an hour or so there, ate so much @.@ When I work at Hendies, I normally have lunch after 1pm so that it makes the day feel shorter, and I try to spend only 30 minutes on obtaining and eating lunch, or else the boss might not be too happy.

Back to work, I finished off the form template, then did some more photocopying. I was starting to feel somewhat guilty for using so much paper on making multiple copies of things, poor trees T.T I guess there wasn't much else for me to do, I spent the rest of the afternoon working on a flier for AEC. I normally use Photoshop for things like that, but the computer I was working on didn't have any decent image editing software so I downloaded and installed GIMP and spent a while getting the hang of using it.

There wasn't really a set time to go home so I ended up messing around with GIMP until around 6pm. I caught the bus to Mirrabooka with the intention of catching another bus from Mirrabooka to home, but when I reached the Mirrabooka bus station, I had just missed the next bus and would've had to wait over an hour for the next one, so I called home to get my dad to pick me up which would be much quicker than waiting around for the next bus.

It felt like I didn't really do much today, but I guess it's because I'm new and there's a lot to learn before they give me more stuff to do.