Election 2010

It's that time again, where people prepare to go to the polling booths to write on a little slip of paper which really has no power to influence what the people get from their government.

This will be my second time voting since I became eligible to vote. Most people will be voting for whoever they think will do a better job at improving their lives. Parties left right and center are promising this and that, all in an attempt to win votes. There's also a lot of mud slinging with parties trying to convince voters that they should vote for them because the other party sucks. But all it does is make me not want to vote for any of them.

At the last election, I voted for Labor because I figured that even if they can't keep their promises, at the very least, if they won the election, it would make for very amusing news in the newspaper. Labor won that year and sure enough, I benefited from the entertaining articles in the newspaper. They say laughter is the best medicine.

But this year, as amusing as it would be to read about Labor winning again with Australia's first female prime minister, Julia Gillard at the helm, I simply cannot support a mandatory Internet filter. There's no way I was going to vote for the Liberals, and the Greens are supporting Labor, so I initially planned to just do a donkey vote and draw pictures of budgerigars all over my voting slip.

If it weren't for Labor's plan to filter the Internet, I would be voting Labor for the prospect of interesting articles in the newspaper. But then the Liberal party announced that they would be fighting against the implementation of the Internet filter even if they lost the election. At first, I though "Yay~ I can still vote Labor to get my interesting news articles, without having my Internets filtered". But on second thought… can't really trust any party with their promises, so nope, definitely not voting 1 for Labor.

My mum who knows next to nothing about politics, always votes for the Greens. Not because she believes in their policies, but because she doesn't like the big two Labor/Liberal parties, and because it's compulsory for her to vote.

This year, I will be voting for the Australian Sex Party. I agree with most of their policies and ideas, plus I love their name, it's so non-PC. After all, sex is not a dirty word, and yet the computers at TAFE won't allow me to view their website at http://www.sexparty.org.au/. As for my second preference, I'll be picking Labor for the same reason why I voted for them last election: amusing and entertaining articles in the newspaper.