Candy Bananas

I bought a bag of candy bananas today. I love candy bananas, but before today, I did not buy any since Keatsy flew away several months ago.

Keatsy, with it's sweet-tooth (or should I say "sweet-beak"), also loved candy bananas. Whenever Keatsy saw me with a candy banana, it would fly right over and land on my shoulder, then make it's way down my arm toward the candy banana in my hand. Sometimes it would try to snatch it right out of my mouth.

Probably not the most healthy treat for a Rainbow Lorikeet. Too many candy bananas would make Keatsy's poop turn a bright yellow colour. I usually only gave Keatsy a small piece of a candy banana, but on occasion I would toss a whole candy banana into Keatsy's cage.

I wonder where Keatsy is now…