Baby Clouds

Okay, so I never got around to removing those nesting boxes. Right now, the big nesting box is currently occupied by Cloud and her two chicks. I think it's a good thing, since Cloud isn't a descendant of the original 4 budgies I started with, it will bring some genetic diversity to the aviary. Cloud arrived at the aviary when a neighbour found a young budgie flying around outside. Thinking that it was one of my budgies, the neighbour brought it to me. I named her Cloud because of the white and grey wing patterns.

Cloud's chicks.

A week ago, the two chicks looked like tiny white fluffy eggs with a head, tail and feet. Now their adult feathers have covered their fluffy down feathers. Things are looking good so far, none of the chicks appear to have any health problems, and unlike many of the previous chicks, they don't have under shot beaks. Since neither of Cloud's chicks look like Cloud, it makes me wonder who the father is. Maybe each chick has a different father, since I have a male budgie that looks like the green and yellow chick, and another that looks like the blue chick.

Bikini Boy on the left, Cloud on the right.