Aldi Gazebo Hub

A month or two ago, the Aldi catalogue advertised a gazebo hub tent as part of their special buys. I was interested but wanted to read some reviews to see if it was worth buying, but the top result in Google leads you to someone’s Facebook post asking if anyone has bought one and how it holds up, with no comments from anyone who has bought the product. I looked up similar products from other brands, and they were selling for $80 to $150. At the time, Aldi was selling the gazebo hub for $70, so I decided to just go for it. If it turned out to be crap, then at least I haven’t lost a huge amount of money.

Gazebo hub box

The description on the box:
– 190T polyester fly with 2000mm PU coating
– 200gsm PE floor
– Heat sealed taped seams
– Insect resistant mesh windows and door
– Large oversized front door
– Power cord entry point to the front and back
– 2x internal storage pockets
– Includes tent pegs and rope
– Size 2.9m(W) x 2m(D) x 2m/1.4m(H)

Gazebo hub box

We got the chance to test out the gazebo hub tent at a camping trip to Lake Brockman. As the name suggests, the gazebo hub needs to be used with a (3x3m) gazebo. You’ll find that it just won’t stand up on its own without being attached to the gazebo. I had previously purchased a 3m gazebo from an Aldi special buy, along with some wall panels and a mesh inner.

I loved that the assembly instructions were sewn to the carry bag, which means you’re less likely to lose it.

Assembly instructions
Assembly instructions

My partner and I found it quick and easy to set up. The most challenging part was keeping the gazebo hub from blowing around in the wind as we started to peg it down, given the size and lightness of the material.

Gazebo hub front
Gazebo hub back

In the past, my partner and I have used a standard dome tent with a mesh inner with a rain fly on top, so if you wanted to open or close the fly, you would need to be outside the tent to do so. With the gazebo hub, the flaps covering the mesh part of the windows and door are on the inside of the tent, so you can open or close it without leaving the inside of the gazebo hub. Great for those times where it starts to rain and you need to close everything up, or letting in the morning sun without leaving the warmth of your sleeping bag.

Gazebo hub windows
Gazebo hub mesh door

We specifically picked one of the Karrak campsites at Lake Brockman for the view of the lake, and the big mesh door allowed us to take in the view without being bothered by bugs. The door has a solid panel on the inside that you can zip up for privacy or protection from the wind.

View from inside

The floor space inside is 2m x 2.9m, and the height is 2m at its tallest near the door, sloping down to 1.4m towards the back. I’m around 165cm tall and found I could stand upright inside pretty comfortably. The gazebo hub claims that it can sleep 5 people, which I guess is true if they were sleeping in a row with their heads/feet by the door. For just my partner and myself, it was heaps of room for us and our stuff.

Inside the gazebo hub

As I mentioned before, the material feels really light. When you are inside, it almost seems like the material is semi-transparent, but from outside of the gazebo hub, you can’t see in. I am a bit concerned that it would tear easily, so I’d be wary of putting anything heavy in the internal storage pockets that are attached to the sides, which I only used for storing my glasses before going to sleep. There is also a small hook inside supported by the tent poles, so I was ok with hanging our little tent light on it.

Gazebo hub

My partner was concerned about creepy crawlies getting inside the gazebo hub through the power cord openings, so he covered them in duct tape, since we almost never go camping at powered sites, and when we do, we don’t use a power cable.

The weather was nice that weekend. There was no rain, and the surrounding trees meant that it never got too windy. We spent the night in the gazebo hub without any issues. I probably wouldn’t take the gazebo hub camping if the weather was expected to be rainy or especially windy. For fair weather camping, I’m happy with it.

Camping at Lake Brockman