A Day In Pompeii

Last Friday after work, my mum came to pick me up around 6pm in Northbridge, but we still had to wait for my sister to finish work at Myer at 9pm. So after having dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant, my mum and I decided to check out the "A Day In Pompeii" exhibit at the WA Museum.

My brother had told me that it only cost $5 for entry and was worth checking out. Turns out that it costs much more than $5. I noticed that everyone in line was buying concession tickets and that the staff weren't bothering to check for proof of concession. I do have a concession card but the didn't ask to see it. So I got my ticket for $14 and my mum's adult ticket cost $20.

First part of the exhibit was a short 3D film recreating the events that lead to the destruction of Pompeii. When we entered the theatre, I suddenly remembered that I had been there before many years ago for the Awesome Festival. I remembered that it was freezing cold in the theatre and that I used the free pillow cases that they handed out as a cover against the cold. But this time, the theatre was actually quite warm. My mum and I were given 3D glasses to watch the film with, but since we both wear glasses, wearing the 3D glasses on top of our glasses was somewhat uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the 3D effect of the film were quite spectacular.

After the short film, we were directed to the room where the main Pompeii exhibit was. In the lobby before the entrance to the exhibit, they had several souvenir items on display and for sale. There were several book about Pompeii, beautiful jewellery made from coloured glass that were made in Venice, plus t-shirts and other things. As pretty and tempting some of the things were, I resisted buying anything.

Moving on to the exhibit, there were various artefacts which I assumed were either dug up from the ruins of Pompeii, or replicas of things that were dug up. Before, all I knew about what happened at Pompeii was that a volcano erupted and buried the city. I found the exhibit interesting and educational. The highlight of the exhibit was supposed to be the "body casts". I didn't really find those interesting. After all, I was looking at a plaster cast of a hole that someone (and a dog) left behind when they got buried. Still, overall it was a nice way to spend the evening.